• What is a Design Language… really?

    Originally published on Medium The term “Design Language” is used to describe the overall visual design of a digital product. Chances are, you’ve already got a set of resources that you refer to as your Design Language. But what makes a set of UI elements a design language? At first glance, it appears to be: […]

  • Anatomy of a Design System

    Originally published on Medium A brief summary Design Systems are a culmination of people, processes, and shared assets that work together in an iterative cycle in order to unify products, negotiate and align cross-team communication, and increase efficiencies in building products from design to implementation. It is, in a way, an extension of the DevOps pipeline […]

  • Clarifying our “Style Guide” Nomenclature

    There are a lot of varying tools for creating a standardized, consistent UI. It gets confusing and I think they deserve some clarity in order to simplify how designers talk about these tools, but to also highlight the key differentiators they each have. This is how I differentiate the tools: Interface Inventory This is simply […]

  • Storytelling and the User Experience

    User Experience designers come in all shapes and sizes, from all sorts of backgrounds – from developers, to marketing analytics specialists, to graphic designers.  But there is one breed that I find intriguing, because the background is typically seen as disconnected by employers, however since I belong to that breed, I can tell you it’s […]

  • Are pattern libraries the new brand guidelines?

    In an ever-growing digital age, Brands are finding themselves with presences online and in applications just as much, if not more often, than in print or other mediums.   Traditionally, once you create a brand identity, you set up brand guidelines; A physical Book that documents the brand identity, styles, logo uses etc. The purpose of […]

  • Branding for sentimentality

    A lot of people have a favorite cup, one that they use religiously, or one that they display like a trophy in a cabinet or on a shelf.  But as a marketer, you have to wonder; what is it that makes a cup become someone’s favorite?  It could be the size, shape, or color.  Perhaps […]

  • Creating effective storyboards

    Storyboarding is in essential part of the creative process and effective communication of designs. Traditionally storyboarding is well known in creating sequential imagery to convey a story for film or television. With contemporary design storyboarding has become known as wire framing. Much like sequential imagery for television, wire framing and workflows for user experience design […]